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Looking for a vibration machine can be very difficult with so many choices to choose from. Not only are there many types of vibrations to choose from: linear, pivotal, sound vibration, spiral, triplanar, and tri motion, but you also have the biggest problem in the industry, known as duplication. This is when one factory make the same machine for 5 or more different companies. When this happens there are several problems you face.The first one is that, the price ranges from $300.00 to $3,900.00 for the same machine! This is just not fair. Second, who are you dealing with? If the factory is putting out a great quality machine but you buy it from a fly-by-night unstable company that hasn’t been around for a sufficiently long period of time, you could be stuck with a very expensive non-working machine.
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This is one the reasons we created this site. I have researched tried out disassembled to see how they work and what types of internal components are being used on all the different machines out their. Some machines use cheaper plastic fly wheels that can warp once they get hot . Some ive found to have the smallest imperfection as a cheap thread-less screw that only lasts a year and because the manufacturer wants to save a few dollars sometimes less then a dollar to save on inexpensive parts it cost you the consumer to have a machine that will only last as long as the warranty if your lucky. In reading this site I will save you the time and money of ordering machines taking them apart and learning the hard way which machines are built to last and which companies will be in business to honor their warranty if something were to go wrong with your machine . Let my obsession with vibration machines help you to make the right choice.
Welcome to the State Fair.
This is the most infamous story I here over and over again . Its where we goto the local state fair or home show and they have the ultimate machine to try out . You get on it and you feel great . You’ve been walking around all day and the circulation feels great the extra blood flow to the lower body help with inflammation and as you walk away to see the rest of the show you think wow I do feel great maybe we should go back and get that last one deal they have their. I cant stand the pressure sale . I personally have always been an over researcher and when I buy something the neighbors wait to see what I get because they know with my obsessiveness and over reading into all the small intricate details by the time i’m done I got the best model you can buy. Also almost 100% of the time when you want to get the last one the floor model that is the last one and you need to reserve it at the show so you don’t miss out on the deal of a lifetime remember this. You may pull up the brand name you see at that show on your smart phone while your at the show and see that the guy is telling you the truth that machine goes for 3900.00 but if you but the floor model you can have it for 1400.00 how? Device Duplication! This machine is being private labeled and list for a lot of money on the internet so when you goto the show you see it for less and jump at the chance to get it for half price with full warranty! Just to find out the half price machine really is under another label and thats the regular list price. Horrible practice. Effective, but not right.  Again this is not always the case some shows are legit  but I’ve seen this happen a lot so  don’t  be fooled.l. Read the Site and educate yourself on what is right for you. Good luck



Vibration Types: Not all vibrations are created equal

Below is a list of the different types of vibration terms you will hear when looking for a machine . Its important to learn what they are so you can decide which one is best for you .


Opening Statement

About 3 years ago my father had become ill. He had worked his whole life and had been in great health . He lived a stress free life and was always in good spirits. A few years after retirement he began to have health problems and was not the same. The doctors had checked all his levels and found nothing wrong with him but he was not the same man he was before. I had read about whole body vibration and how if was good for circulation in the body and thought maybe it would be a good way for him in the least to get a little exercise where as he had no energy to do this on his own. I gave him the unit and had to go away for a business trip for 3 weeks. I told him to get on it 10 minutes everyday in the am . After my trip I had come home to find my father outside in the garden working! This was great and I asked him what happened , was it new medication or did they find out what was wrong with him. He smiled at me and said nope just 10 minutes a day on the machine just like you said . Since then I developed a passion for vibration machine and  what it has been able to do for my dad and others I have recommended them to . I have studied how the different vibrations work the body in totally different ways and how one vibration might be great for one person but not what another needs. This site was created to help people like you and me to learn about the different vibrations amplitudes and htz levels and how they can work to help you meet your goals. It is a compilation of my 3 years of researching different machines and puts all the information you need in one convienent  site  so you can learn which one is right for you . I wish I had access to this when I was learning about vibrations as it would of saved me a lot of time. Enjoy the site and I hope it helps you in learning  exactly which vibration platform will work best for your needs.

About me

I started this site to help people like you  to learn about the many different types of vibrations and how they work and which one is right to get depending on what you need it to do for you The  market is saturated with way too many machines and many of them are identical units that just have a different name and price tag . Their is no reason to overpay for a machine just because one company markets better then the other. This site puts my years of research  of the different units out their along with what each machine does and if its the right one for your specific needs. Enjoy the site and feel free to send us an email if you find your questions are not answered here on the site.

Lymphatic Drainage

When your main concern in getting a vibration machine is Lymphatic Drainage you want to go with a machine that has the ability to go very low in htz . Typically anything that goes below 10 htz will give you good drainage while getting into the 5 htz range is excllent. The motion of the machine that can do this is going to be oscillating or spiral as they usually start out around 5 htz and go up to anywhere from 14 to 30 hts. The machines that go lowest in htz range are the sonic ones as they are know to go all the way down to 3 htz making them number one for the lymph drainage. But again the main problem is the cost as they start out at a price range of approx 6 k. So If cost is not a concern this is your best choice for drainage. However if you looking to stay around 2K a spiral gets pretty close at 5 htz and has a much more appealing price point. The Idea of htz is how fast it will go up and down . At a faster htz range you will bounce up and down too quickly to allow the lymph notes to open and drain . So when you want to do this slower the better without any delay in platform motion . This means you want a strong motor to move you up and down slow but steady with no lag time. Linear or tri planers can go to 10 htz which means you will still get some drainage but not as much as you would with the other type of motion. If you want drainage but equally are looking to build muscle and bone density then this may be a better choice for you as you will get benefits of both but not as quickly. The mini Trampoline is a great way to get a low htz jump and drain the lymph from the body . We like to call the spiral machines the mini trampoline on steroids as you can get the equivalent of 300o jumps in approx 10 minutes of standing on the vibration platform.

Looking for a vibration machine can be very difficult with so many choices to choose from. Not only are their many types of vibration to choose from : Linear , pivitol , sound vibration , spiral , triplaner , and tri motion but you also have the bigest problem in the industry known as duplication. This is when one factory make the same machine for 5 or more different companies. When this happens thir are several problems you face . First one is the price ranges from 300.00 to 3900.00 for the same machine! This is just not fair . Second who are you dealing with? If the factory is putting out a great quality machine but you buy it from a fly by night unsable company that hasnt been aroumd for a long period of time You could be stuck with a very expensive non working machine . This is one the reasons we created this site. I have been selling all types of vibration machines for a long time so I know what vibration is best for different needs and know which companies are solid and stand behind their warranty. Ok so let’s get started .



So you goto the local show or state fair and you try out the vibration machine and and now its time for the infamous impulse buy. You need to buy it now!  You got on it you felt great and theirs only one left at this price cant miss out. Well if your reading this then your smarter then that and its a good thing . Almost every time you can always get that machine at that same price and theirs always time to do your due dilligance and make sure your getting the right machine for you and your families needs .

OSILLATING VIBRATIONS (make this a button and the other topics below buttons also for types of vibation then the content on the pages )

This technology is the first of all vibration machines. If you have ever read about the beginning of vibration machines and heard about it being used in space by the astronauts for exersice this is what they used. In general when you see this motion the platform is moving in a teeter totter see saw motion . One side up one side down back and forth. This is a great way to simulate the body moving in a walking or even running motion without actually doing it. This can be a great way to simuate both of these exersices. Most of the inexpensive machines use this motion and on the cheaper usually this is good for general lymphatic drainage and blood flow. If these are you only concerns you may be able to go buy one of these. But again not all osillating mahines are the same. Different aspects that go into the
machine are  : motor size , ac or dc motors, size of the platform in ratio to motor size.

Pivitol (button 2)
Pivitol motion alone is mostly gonna be great for massage and circulation. This is usually put in on a machine as an add on the oscillation and when used together cause the newest technolgy of these machines which is called spiral.  One great machine that gives you pivitol alone is called a chi machine. They sell anwhere from 100.00 to 300.00 and can be found on various sites. Great for circulation but again th real magic and effectivness of the pivitol motion comes when combined with a second motor to create a spiral motion .

Spiral – My All Around Choice ( button 3)

Spiral motion is the newest and in alot of reasons one of the best motions available. It combines the popular motion of oscillation which is a teeter totter motion along with the pivitol side by side motion. If you were to see one of these working it would just seem like the platfrom were vibrating but if you slowed it down and witnessed it you would see the platform actually moving in a figure 8 motion. This is unique and amazing for the body for many reasons. First it is one of the most natural motions you could apply to the body with maximum benefits and little impact or jarring on the body and joints. This means you can workout longer and take in the benefits with less recovery time . Second most oscisllating machines give you a htz range of 5 to 14 sometimes if the motor is strong enough 5 to 30 . While on the linear machines the motion generally goes from 20 to 40 and sometimes 20 to 60 htz. This higher htz range works best on building muscle and core streangth while the lower is best for lymphatic drainage and detox in the body . Well heres the great part of the spiral . Now you can get both benefits in one machine .This type of machine will give you a htz range of 5 to 50 htz!! This is why its Great for the whole family or if used in an office for different different patients as you get lymphatic drainiage as well as  the benefits of muscle building bone density and overall blood circulation.

Sonic  motion  (button 4 )

All Hail The King of all vibration machines. This is in my opinion The best of all motions and currently the best machine made. Ok so heres the bad part. They are also the most expensive machine you can find. The top of the line machine sells for about 15,000. Way out of most peoples price range. But lets get into the technology of how these machines work. Unlike all other machines available today which work by pushing you up and down with a motorized arm attached to the platform the sonic technology uses bass speaker technology to have you body go up and down with sound vibrations. Imagine getting a 5 to 40 htz range with the smooth motion of sound . Trust me , its incredible. My friend had one of these machines at his house for 3 weeks while I stayed with him and every night we went out when I would come home I would make a beeline for the machine . I was…. Addicted !!! it was amazing and felt great . Most of these machines will also come with some type of sound software you can hook up to the platform to make machine even more effective and allow you to dial in what you want to work on ( example circualtion , healing , relaxaton, muscle building ect) and stand on the machine and take all the guess work out of the ride. Some of the less expensive but still effective machines currently go down in price to around 6,000 and coming soon a  version will be available for around 3995.00 but you must be 250 lbs or less to use this one. Now if you cant afford the Sonic experience all is not lost . They are the best this is true ,  but how much better? In my opinion 15 to 20% better then motorized so you can still get a great machine around 2,000 and still get great benefits.

Linear (Button 5)

Linear Is still a term used and some machines are still true Linear machines. These have been surpassed by a new gandra of machines known as the Tri Planer. The original machine known for this is Power Plate. This unit started as a linear motion and upgraded their design later on to Tri planer. So Whats The difference? Linear is strictly up and down . Though this has great benefits for the body it can be altttle hard on the body as you are going straight up and down . on the lower setting no problems at all but as you increase the intensity level depending on the amplitude ( level or degree in which the machine goes up and down usually ranging from 2 all the way up to 14mm)  this can be quite hard on the body . Great for the young athlete that wants to make large gains in short periods of times but again depending of diffenret variables on the machines can be alitttle harsh. Its like doing one amazing thing for the body and 3 things bad. It can be counterproductive not always but sometimes yes . So With that being said enter the next generation of the machines the Tri Planer.

Tri Planer ( button 6)

Here is the next generation of the linear machine which allows you to get the benefits of the linear machine without having to worry about if the amplitude is too high too low or if the speed is too much is it too much like a jack hammer on my body. Basically what they did was still have the platform go up and down but they added the feature of the platform being able to pivot forward and backwards which makes it a more a lot easier on the body . This is a great imporvment on the old motion and allows you to workout longer with less negative impact on the body . Because Tri Planer starts at 20 htz you will still get good lymphatic vibartion from one of these units but if lympatic vibration is your main goal you may want to look at ocillation or ideally spiral . If your main goal is weight loss hgh realease in the body bone density then this may be a better choice. Both types of machines will generally give you all the benefits but depending on needs some will do certain things faster then others can . Also you need to consider who is using the machine ( young athlete or older person or maybe someone with arthritis or fibermyalgia ) These are also things very important when deciding on motion of the machine and amplitude . For more information on helping you decide which one is best for you click on the quiz below and get some more insight into which one is best for all your needs .


Ok kuntal after this with buttons let do pics of all the , machines from each manfacturer I gave yiu either take them from marks site or goto the manafacturers page anf pull them from their each pic will link to the page of that manufacturer and I will fill those in next we sould have at least 20 pics of diff machines with name of machine below each one now under this were gonna do some more links. Designwise if u thimk lunks are better on right or left column feel free to be creative ok now link buttons again

Topic line choosing the right one for you

Noise levels ( button 1)

This can be very important when picking a machine as some people have a small aparment neighbors below them or just want a quiet machine to put in front of the tv so they can do exercise while watching. This is where alot of the cheeper machines do not fair well. I have opened up literally dozens of these machines to see what makes a 200.00 machine rattle and shake while one working on the same principles but cost more does not. Simply put …Cheap parts! Paying alittle more in the long run is a good idea as you want this machine for a lifetime not just for one season. The other thing that causes a noise machine is the weight of the machine. General run of thumb I have found is that if your machine weighs less then 95 lbs their is a very good chance that at  the higher settings it will walk across the floor and make noise. Again not the best choice if you have neighbors or people living below you.

Which manufacturer to buy from ( button 2 )

  Alot of machines are made over  overseas  and when dealing with manufacturing over seas their is a right way and a wrong

way for the manufacturer to get them built . The better companies will  pay the extra money and have someone in the factory doing quality control get a very well built product that will last well thru out the warranty period .  Lets say a company gets a bunch of machines very inexpensive and sells them and is doing well. Thats great for the beginning but fast f

orward 1 or 2 yrs and all the machines start to fall apart . Now the company sees its easier to close down then fix all these problems and your stuck with a piece of junk that doesn’t work. This is why its important to make sure  the company has been in business for at least 5 years and has a good reputation. Always ask how long they have been in business!

Their are a lot of awesome well built quality machines available to you so do your homework to make sure you get good quality machine that is going to last.

What type of vibration do I need? ( button 3)

If you have arthritis   fybromyalgia osteoporosis or osteopenia a solid spiral machine is a great way to go.This gives the body a gentle movement along with a deep penetrating vibration to the body so those sensitive to a jarring motion will enjoy the way this feels. If your main goal is to lose weight then the tri planer is best as it gets you into a higher level of htz but depending on amplitude   Could have considerably more impact on the body . For  some of the benefits like bone density building this is sometime necessary so depending on your age and level of bone loss and if your looking to stifel any further loss or hoping to reverse the process of the bone loss you may want to go this route. Also amplitude will play a big part in picking the machine for you as this is the biggest factor in the amount of impact the machine will have on your body. In general more is not always better.  For  the human body anything over 10mm I feel is too much. You want to benefit the body not shake up all your organs in an unnatural movement. Ideally  anywhere from 4 mm to 8 mm is good for overall health. On the oscillating or the tri motion or spiral you increase the amplitude simply by taking a wider stance on the platfom . This is great because if you have someone older that wants to use the machine they can start out with their feet two to 4 inches apart which would give them an amplitude of approx 2 to 4mm while someone else can get in the same machine and keep their feet 6 to 8 inches apart and get a 5 to 9 mm response so it an easy way to vary the intensity without any extra moving parts.

Platform size (button 4)

As long as the motor is able to properly move the platform without any lag in movement the larger platforms will be fine. You can test the lag by stepping on  a moving platform and if it slows down at all you have lag and that platform is too big and too heavy for the motor being used on that machine. This happens alot of time with the cheaper machines and can be tested by listening to the motor as the machine is running then step on and you will hear the sound change from a its rhythm. Now most people don’t know this as a bad thing as they have nothing to compare it to so they turn up the power higher to compensate and the machine runs and they do their workout. The problem is you are putting a huge strain on the motor of your machine and it will burn out your motor a lot sooner they it should. When you hear this change in pitch when you get on your machine you can expect 6 months to a year Lifespan . The better machines that are using steel plates and average power of a 500 watt motor on the units agood  size platform is around 24 to 26 inches deep by 27 to 30 inches wide. Once you get larger then that the Motor size  should jump up to 800 to 1000 watt to compensate for the larger platform and to illiminate any chance of lag in the motor. Now when is a platform too small. Well just so you know some companies are not making their platform smaller to save money on the steel . A lot of times when you pair a larger motor with a smaller platform it is going to give you a very intense workout. This is not for everyone as when I tried one of these machines it was very intense and when I stepped off the machine I knew I had done a workout for sure and I loved it  but for some not looking not to do such intense workout may find this method not for them and prefer the larger platform which given them more room to stand on  So for the medium  and steady results  stick with the 24 inch by 27 inch rule.

Motor Type AC vs DC (button 5)

The  two types of motors that are available are ac and dc . Their has been a lot of controversy on Emfs which stands for electro magnetic fields. Currently their is no exact proof as to these being harmful to the body but many studies suggest strongly to avoid these as they feel they may be linked to alot so serious health concerns. With that being said ac motors put out  a high level of emfs while dc do not. Weather  you believe in emfs being harmful of not if you have a choice between the two motors I would suggest going with a dc motor. The other considerations is to go with a brush motor or a brushless motor. Brushed motors when using the machines wear a lot faster as the brushless have no brushes to wear out so ideally a brushless dc motor is the way to go. Now another area of controversy is the question of one motor vs 2 motor and  which is bettter. Alot of people think two motors because its less strain on each one and will last longer. People also think 2 motors more power and thats a big plus. All wrong! Alot of the larger commercial machines had two motors and they were great and very powerful . For awhile but then this is what happend. Picture a platform being pushed up and down up and down with two motors at the same time . As long as they are going at the exact same time this is great the motor will go up down up down up down. Now picture one motor getting alittle out of sync with they other so instead the motion becomes up up down down up up down down. You have just lost 90% of the effectiveness of the machine and it becomes more of a waste of time and when this happens benefits will include some blood circulation and a nice massage . The right way to do it is have a commercial grade motor large enough to move the platform without any hesitation in performance .

Do I ever want two motors? (button 6)

 Yes!! Enter into the vibration game the new spiral motion machines . These are great for alot of different benefits for the body and when getting a machine for the whole family to use or even for different people with different needs this is one’s you should deinately consider . So why are 2 motors ok? They both have 2 separate jobs and never conflict with each other. Unlike the linear motion spiral has one motor dedicated to creating the oscillation motion while the second usually less powerful of the 2 motors generates a side to side motion an when combined the platform will move in a figure 8 or spiral type motion. Here are the benefits of this . The spiral is one of the most gentle motions on the body low impact for people with knee and back issues. You still get a deep vibration with a htz range usually between 5 and 50 htz. Next oscillation alone usuall only goes in htz range from 5 to 30 at best which limits some for the added benefits possible from the higer ranges these machines are capible of achieving.

Weigh capacity of you machine (button 6)

The  balance between a larger plate and  size of the motor is a very important one andin choosing this you need to keep a few things in mind.  First is space  . When choosing your machine this sometimes is an issue. I never recommend a machine first off of this category because the truth is when space is an issue you can be sacrificing some benefits of an average size machine. The average size is usually 24 inches by 27 inches and I find this size ideal as its not too big but is large enough to give you room to move your legs wider go on the floor and do pushups dips ect. A lot of the machines this size usually will come with wheels so moving it around its a lot easier. Another consideration is weight in picking out your machine. Depending on the weight of the people using your machine your gonna want one with a high weight capacity. In general you really want to pick a machine that can handle at least 100 lbs more the the weight you will be using on the machine . For example is someone who weights 200 lbs you want the weight capacity to be at least or close to 300 lbs. So why don’t they just say that in the first place. A lot of times the manufacturer will give a lower weight capacity to cover them on the warranty. Now personally I don’t see how they are gonna prove if someone too big got on the machine and broke it but I guess its a deterrent. Heres why you want to be at least 100 lbs buffer for your weight capacity. When using the machine the motor can become strained and wear out a lot faster when you are close to capacity. Its like the appliance rule when you by a refrigerator with a 3 yr warranty and in 3 yrs 1 day it breaks! Who calculates this stuff. Anyway the 100 lb buffer rule will keep your motors in good shape and is usually not to hard to find.

Ok now on the quiz ad question to you suffer from diabetes

do you have one or more of the folllowing ailments fybromyalgia osteoperosis osteopenia .

do you have any implants and please specify .

ok that shold be good for now for concent i did 5 for second row of buttons if we need more let me know to make it an even 6 i am now gonna fill in content for machines above with each machine i talk about you need to do a googlel search for that machine and add a picture of it in front of be talking about it we nee phone number to to show up better is it lost in the color scheme and  i think it should top right and put quiz buttons in various spots for people to find  now for the shopping cart  most people dont buy online i close them on the phone but . i dont know how much content i will have for each vibration machine so we may need to mix with your content you came up with but we should goto manufactures site and pull the specs and add them next to each machine i can do this if you want but i think its simple enough to grab and paste on your end but if you think to time consuming let me know and i will do this i just dont know where to put is as we have not method to paste on here . ok lets get this sucker done


Amplitude on a machine is the measurement in which the platform goes in an up and down motion. This usually ranges anywhere from 1 mm all the way to 14 mm though I usually don’t recommend going higher then 10mm at the highest. When you start going above 10mm it can be quite jarring on the body and is usually not necessary . Most ideal for overall body results are usually between 6 and 8 mm if using a oscillating machine which has a motion of a see saw or teeter totter side by side. These are nice in the sense that you can increase the amplitude as you get more advanced just by taking a wider stance on the machine. If you have someone senior using the machine and are very fragile they can keep their feet 2 to 4 inches apart and get great results with minimum impact on the body. The same machine can take on a young athlete that may require a higher amplitude and he can easily take a wider stance on the same machine for the results he needs. Also as you grow stronger and need more of challenge you can to a wider stance to increase the difficulty level and achive your desired weight loss or other goals.

Amplitude with a linear or Tri planer machine

When the vibrational platform is moving in an up and down motion you cannot have the same amount of amplitude as you do with an oscillating machine as this will be way too much on the body so its important when looking at this you know  the motion of the machine you are looking to buy. In a linear motion the amplitude is more likely to be anywhere from 2 mm to 6 mm tops. On the better quality linear or triplaner machines their will usually be a setting for high to low amplitude so you can set the difficulty level for the exeersice your are doing. Also if you ever decide to use this type of machine and use weights while on it make sure you always start with the low amplitude settings as you dont want to put any undesired pressure on the boy before you are ready for it.

G Force

G force refers to the amount of g’s the machine is capable of producing for the person on the unit. Usually the higher g force is achieved by using a larger more powerful motor along with a smaller platform . As the platform size increases the power needed to move that platform increases and you will lose g force. Two of the highest levels of g’s come from the machines made by hypervibe and  vivo vibe . If you look at the design on both of these you will notice a smaller then average platform. So when do you want more g force? Creating more g force will create a more intense vibration and a feeling when you get off the platform of muscle fatigue. Best way to describe this is when you get off the machine you will not have to wonder if you got a good workout , you will feel it and know right away ! For some the extra gf orce is not necessary and an average g force level of around 5 to 8 g’s is more then enough but if you are somone that wants that intense workout in a short amount of time I would suggest looking into the vivo vibe the dkn or the hypervibe. All of these machines create well over 10 g force and are known for their power when using as a workout machine .

Frequency Ranges

Whole Body Vibration Machines when going up from slow speeds to higher ones are measured in units of frequencies. The frequencies these machines create have more meaning then just a faster moving platform. Each level of frequency is know for different benefits while using your vibration platform. One of the Great Benefits of the oscillation platform is that they are able to go all the way down to a 5 htz frequency . This is known to be very good for detox and lymphatic drainage. The only machine known to go lower then this is a sonic machine which can go all the way down to 3 htz . If you want that extra 2 htz difference be prepared to pay for is as the sonic lineup starts at around 6k. It is better but you can still get excellent lymph drainage from an ocsillating or spiral machine at 5 htz at a more desired price range. This is why these are the machine of choice for facilities using lip lasers where lymph drainage is required. As  you go higher in htz range different benefits are achieved such as bone density muscle building hgh release in the body and overall blood circulation. The spiral machines have a nice range of 5 to 50 htz so you get a nice combination and cover mostly all the benefits these machines are capible of. The Linear machine because of the motion usually start off at 10 to 20 htz so you will still get some lymph drainage with these but not as much as with the spiral motion. These machines starting at the higher htz level were not designed to drain lymph and were more made to generate muscle response weight loss in the body hgh secretion and bone density so if those are your main priorities then this may be a better match for you

What are   demo Machines ?

When picking a machine sometimes the manufacturers will have demo models available and when deciding if this is for you certain questions need to be asked for sure . Some demos have been shipped around a lot and if this is what they are offering you may want to stay clear  of this  as could be more of a headache then a good deal . If its been shipped its usually has  alot of wear and tear on the unit being moved from place to place on and off multiple shipping trucks and  not always packed correctly when the home user sends it back to the manufacturer so that is more impact you don’t  want to deal with .These machines have alot of moving parts and if not packed properly and you get shippers thowing your boxes around it will cause damage ! Now that being said this doesn’t  mean a demo  cant be a good deal you just have to specify what type of demo they are offering . From time to time the manufactures will have what is called an inhouse demo or and open box unit that has not shipped anywhere! This is the one you want .  In house  demos are used for  demo videos or pictures for the website to show the new models and designs. This is usually a good deal if available as most of the time they have not been used more then an hour tops  and the manufacturer 99% of the time will include a full warranty on these units as if they were brand new.  Thats great news for you . If you are ok with receiving a minorly used machine then when ordering you can ask if any demo models are available. If  they are ask if they can tell you the history of the machine and make sure it was used in house and never shipped out and returned. You may get an ok unit if it was shipped out and was inspected but in my experience always better to go with an in house demo  . These are the best buys for sure.

What To Look For When Buying a Machine?

Steel Plate vs high grade carbon

A solid steel plate should be mandatory when picking out any type of  machine. It will absorb most of the vibration and keep it where it should be which is in the plate. Some machines use high grade condensed pvc or carbon fiber platform in an attempt to save money on the unit as well as cut the cost of shipping the machines significantly by lowering the weight of the machines anywhere from 25 to 50 lbs. The machines with the lower grade platforms will work but not as their suppose to . Unfortunately if you were to use one of these and have nothing to compare it to how would you know?  Steel can hold more weight gives you a true htz reading when on it as all vibrations are concentrated into the platform and delivered to your body so results will be seen and felt quicker and it just makes for and overall bettter feel when using your unit.

Platform size

If you are looking for a high intensity workout this is the only time I would recommend a smaller platform. In using this think of it as if you were getting on a sleek thoroughbred horse. You will go fast…. very fast and you will feel it but are you looking to go on a thoroughbred speeding thru the forest or do you want a horse you can ride gallop trot cantor and enjoy but one that you know you wont outgrow. Most people are more apt for that type of versatile experiance. The best average size I recommend for most people is one around 24 by 27  or bigger. This allows you to have room for different stances which usually translates into you being able to control the intensity of the ride. That allows one machine to be able to achieve results from anyone from a senior citizen to the young athlete that wants to build some muscle or slim down.

Weight of the machine

As a rule of thumb if you are going to be using the machine at the higher settings you want a machine that weights at least 100 lbs . Most machines above this will walk across the floor on the higher settings. With this in mind you may want to make sure your machine has wheels if you plan to move it around . If its staying in one spot this is obviously not an issure but if you are gonna wheel it into the tv room and back to the bedroom wheels are ideal. Also make sure if you get wheels they are not on the ground when the machine is in the working position . You only want the wheels to engage when the unit is tilted . If you have a machine that has wheels on the floor while its running chances are it will walk across the floor and will be more trouble then they are help . The ones you want are referred to as incline wheels . Always ask if the machine has wheels and if they do are they incline only wheels .

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